History of Technology

The most recent photo album that exists in my household was created in 2002 and is filled with pictures of my 5-year-old self and family forever immortalised in the film of a $10 disposable camera. Since then technology has rapidly evolved causing not only the extra long waits at Kodak to become almost non-existent but also the $10 disposable camera and the classic photo album.


With over 700 million monthly active users and roughly 95 million videos and photos posted everyday, it is safe to say that Instagram is a huge part of todays society and is a massive leap in the way we produce, share and view content. As a millennial and avid user of Instagram I could not imagine doing anything else with my “insta-worthy” photos than uploading them to my personal Instagram to share with followers while also creating my own online photo album that I am able to look back on.


With features such as stories, likes, commenting, direct messaging and photo editing, Instagram as the modern day photo album has allowed its users to be very social through the app and use it for purposes such as promoting businesses and products as well as sharing personal content.

Axel Bruns describes the concept of produsage as being “based on the collaborative engagement of (ideally, large) communities of participants in a shared project.” According to Bruns’ concept, my use of Instagram makes me a produser. This is because I use the app to create and upload my own content as well as to socialize with others making me both a user and a producer of the “modern photo album”.

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